Top cities to live in Florida?

Question by I Love My Kitties: Top cities to live in Florida?
Which cities in Florida are best to live in with these requirements and please detail an avg price for a nicer 2 bed/1-2 bath apartment/duplex/townhome and an avg wage for a general laborer for construction, sales associate in retail store, receptionist, operator at a factory, or a forklift driver in the city you name.

Here are the requirements:

Near beach (less than 20 miles)
No/Low Crime
Near Mall (less than 30 miles)
Not Southern Florida
Not Small City (Somewhere with abundant jobs)
Lots To Do/Attractions
College (Or list colleges in Florida that let you take classes at home).

Only name a large city if you can prove its good/safe/etc, Im skeptical about a large one.

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Answer by stumpedII
port st john/ merritt island/ brevard county florida. I LOVED florida .. best place i have ever lived in my life..

your 1-2 hours from disney your 1/2 hour from nasa at cape kennedy. malls all over the place.. when i was there a 3 bedroom house was 30k (port st john) with much of that exempt from property tax. the whole place is warm .. xmas evei was in shorts on the beach.. it’s in the 70′s when new england is below zero.. the sun.. it’s called the sunshine seems like it is always bright and sunny.. everyone has a pleasant disposition.. to get a drivers license you just go to almost any mall and there’s no lines.. in ri the lines are like an hour.. and then they send u back to back of line for forgetting a peice of paper.. florida is an amazing place.. the only thing you have to worry about is dibold stealing your vote.. getting disenfranchised is a common thing in florida.. so there is some corruption.. after all a bush was running it. I wish i was in florida now.. i miss that place.. it’s also a melting pot of the whole country.. people go there to retire. so people are friendly and from everywhere. If you dont like bugs tho.. like a lizard on your wall.. or you cant handle the state bird.(mosquito) .. .. or if you dont have air conditioning or a swimming pool… florida might get unpleasant at times.

good luck.. btw brevard county is around cape canaveral on the map orlando . which has all the entertainment in the world.. is close by.. 1-2 hours away.

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Can a city government require you to purchase city water if their water is out of compliance?

Question by C: Can a city government require you to purchase city water if their water is out of compliance?
So a little back-information:
I live in a very small town in the state of Florida (population of about 90 people). Well over 50% of the population is retired and/or on a fixed income.
Our town’s water has been out of compliance for at least the last 10 years. According to the the EPA, Maximum Contaminant Levels for TTHMs are 80 micrograms per liter of water. Our average level for the last year has been 159.55 micrograms per liter. For HAA5s the Maximum Contaminant Level is 60 micrograms per liter. The average level over the last year has been 107.35 micrograms per liter. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the risks of exposure to high levels of DBPs is “liver, kidney, or central nervous system problems and increased risk of cancer.” Other studies have also linked these chemicals to a potential risk of miscarriage and other issues with pregnant women and small children.
Currently, the only plan in place to fix our water issue is to (eventually in the next 10 years or so) run 12 miles of pipeline from our town to the neighboring town. This will put our town $ 2.5 million in debt and our waterbills will be between $ 75 and $ 100 per month. Obviously this isnt going to work very well as we are a poor community and most people have a hard time paying the $ 18/month bill we currently receive.

So I guess my question is, if I can put in a well and pump my own water (after testing to ensure it’s safe first of course), can the town force me to continue purchasing the water from them? When it’s been brought up at a city meeting before, the town council said there’s an ordinance forbidding anyone from canceling their city water. Can they really force us to buy unsafe water?
Otter Creek, Florida is the town
According to the records found at town hall, there are currently 90 hook ups to the city’s waterlines.
The only thing is that multiple studies have shown that you absorb more of these chemicals from inhalation and absorbing them through your skin when you bathe than you get just from drinking.

Oh I forgot to mention. At several meetings, town council members will say things like “I drink the water and I’m fine!” and encourage citizens to not worry about the letters we receive in the mail stating that we may have an increased risk of cancers and whatnot. Of the 5 people on council, at least 2 have cancer or have had cancer. Not that I can prove that the cancer came from the water or anything, but it is interesting.

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Answer by Katie
I can’t research “a small town in Florida,” so I don’t know.

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can they take back state or city taxes out of my retired ss. check the morage co owea it but my name is on it?

Question by Gene Lawson: can they take back state or city taxes out of my retired ss. check the morage co owea it but my name is on it?
i have a house with morage on it they was going to foreclose on it 6yrs back but wont do it i was on disable now on full retirement i live in low cost living apts the city wants me to pay the taxes which i dont have i dont have it left each month i was wondering if they can put a lein or hold on my ss. check

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Answer by s and d e
SSI and SSDI can not be garnished nor have leins placed against them.

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I am going on a trip to New York City with my school science club and I need some ideas.?

Question by Jessica: I am going on a trip to New York City with my school science club and I need some ideas.?
Well I was wondering if there was a science museum in New York City also if there were other educational but fun things to do there.

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Answer by princess011
there are tons of museums in new york. in fact, the museums are one of the most interesting and diverse things about the city. a few of the ones that would pertain to your field trip are:
~The New York Hall of Science
~The American Museum of Natural History
~The Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences

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Do you live in the city or rural/country? Have you lived in both? what do you prefer?

Question by paulj0557-vacuum cleaner expert: Do you live in the city or rural/country? Have you lived in both? what do you prefer?
I grew up in a suburb of Columbus Ohio and the town only had 8,000 people. It was really all I knew. The city was something I saw on T.V. and went to two or three times a year. At 18 I moved to Hollywood California. Man was it crazy. I learned about life from the street people because I worked at an all night donut shop. I soon realized how similar people are, but to this day I will never see myself as similar to anyone. I suppose I’m probably a mix of plain and simple and completely out of my mind. Maybe because I have lived in just about every environment available to someone in the lower 48 United States. Life in the city might be tougher in many respects, but I think I like it more. When I retire though I might end up where I own some land in Southern Ohio- population 2,500…in the city 8 miles away.
Should I flee the city in 20 years( if I’m lucky to still be here in 20 years) and go this land off the beaten path. Or should I stay here in Columbus where I moved back to 20 years ago? Hollywood almost feels like my home though, but I only lived there from age 18 until I was 22. I had to come back to Ohio when my dad died suddenly when I was 22.
I like Southern Florida as a place to visit, but I didn’t like living there for too long ( 10 months) because of the eternal summer… as was true for Hollywood Ca too.

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Answer by Ed
I would rather live in a city. More Choices.

I lived in a small town and they knew who I carried on with
and a whole bunch of personal things that were none of their
business. They were spicy stories. And I loved the
South better – southern louisiana and south texas. absolutely

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Should Gordie Howe’s #9 be retired by the entire NHL in the similar fashion as Wayne Gretzky’s #99?

Question by Snoop: Should Gordie Howe’s #9 be retired by the entire NHL in the similar fashion as Wayne Gretzky’s #99?
With the news of retired and “honoured” numbers coming about the past few days, an old issue came to light. For years, I have always believed that before Wayne Gretzky and the subsequent assault upon the record books came along, Gordie Howe was the NHL’s brightest light. By and far the league’s greatest ambassador, Howe (outside of being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame) has never really been given proper tribute for his achievements. To that end, should Howe’s #9 be raised to the rafters in every NHL city the way Gretzky’s #99 was?

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Answer by Scott D.

Along with #19 jointly for Yzerman and Joe Sakic.
Also 66 for Mario.

RedWing: Most for Yzerman, but Sakic has also had an amazing career that is worth noting in the hockey universe. 600+ goals, nearly 1700 points, the face of the Avs/Nordiques orginization for the last 20 years just as Yzerman was for the Wings.

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